Do You Need A College Degree In Order To Be A Bail Bondsman

Professionals who serve as bail bondsmen fill a critical role in both financial services affairs and public safety matters. Bail bondsmen provide bail funds that let defendants get released out of jail before their trial. Defendants use this time to get a robust defense ready for their day in court.

Bail bondsmen are useful to the public and the courts because they are a measure of assurance that the defendants they associate with are going to appear in court on their scheduled date. The majority of bail bonds are financial arrangements, often backed by forms of collateral like property titles or deeds.

Should a defendant not appear in court as scheduled, then the bail company has the right to acquire the property associated in the arrangement. The risk here is compelling enough that over 96 percent of bail customers do show up in court free of incident or delay.

The educational requirements for becoming a bail bondsmen do vary from state to state, but most states only have a minimum requirement of a high school diploma. Having said that, the majority of actually successful bail bondsmen who profit from their work do have college backgrounds that helped prepare them for the difficulties this line of work throws at them.

The level of college education among elite bail bondsmen does vary. Some have associate’s degrees, which can be earned in as little as two years at many educational institutions. Others have four-year bachelor’s degrees, but some even have master’s degrees.

The specific subject matter of bail bondsmen degrees also varies, but many focus or emphasize topics like law, finance, business administration, or economic. Any and all of these particular academic disciplines prove to be the kind of education that is decidedly helpful in preparing a professional bail bondsmen for the bonding duties of this career path, as well as getting them ready for the licensing exam that bail bondsmen must pass.

Educational background helps aspiring bail bondsmen in many states, as their licensing board for this professional will have a prelicensing course of study that helps prospects prepare for, take, and complete the licensing exam successfully. This material and testing covers the laws and practices surrounding bail bonding, and the principles involved.

The preclicensing offered by most states is not mandatory, as a person can just take the exam. However, the instructors that manage such courses are actual professionals who can share their personal experiences and professional advice. The classwork and testing also helps aspiring bail bondsmen create thought processes and a body of knowledge they can rely on throughout their career.

Once an individual passes the exam, with or without a college degree or the prelicensing coursework, it is a good idea for them to seek employment at a bail company that is already in business. That gives a professional time early in their new career to learn the trade and form relationships. After a few years of experience are gained, then looking to start their own bail company is a lot more likely to succeed.





Do Tonneau Covers Help Gas Mileage For All Vehicles?

If you have a pickup truck… or a real truck, or even a sports car, you probably have some type of tonneau in the back. These come in different styles including soft and hard covers, capable of protecting passenger seat behind the driver, and also will cover the bed of the truck. They are designed with either a folding or hinging mechanism for those that are solid, whereas those that are soft covers or simply rolled up. They have multiple purposes including protecting items from the weather, concealing them, or simply to help improve the appearance of a car or truck. Many people wonder if these actually do provide better gas mileage for vehicles in regard to issues like wind resistance. Let’s look at whether or not a tonneau can actually help gas mileage for all vehicles, or just for some.

Why Were These Created?

Tonneau covers were more than likely created as a result of the convertible. Where they are most popular in places like America where trucks are driven quite a bit of those that cover the bed of the truck and back. They can be soft or hard, but the most popular ones tend to be those that are made of solid aluminum or fiberglass.

Can They Help Improve Your Gas Mileage?

As a general rule, if the air flowing over a vehicle does not get trapped, the engine will not have to work as hard. If you have a convertible, and the air is flowing into the backseat, it’s going to experience wind resistance. This is particularly noticeable if you drive a large pickup truck with an 8 foot bed in the back. Although most of the air will go over the top and miss the bed of the truck, longer beds with tailgates that are up can create a significant amount of wind resistance. That’s why having a solid fiberglass tonneau is often recommended, not just for how it can improve the appearance of your truck, but how it will improve your gas mileage. The air will simply flow over the cab, sailing right over the tonneau, providing the least amount of resistance possible.

Which Ones Are Best For Improving Gas Mileage?

Although all of them will provide some help in the form of improving gas mileage, the solid ones are always the best. It is most noticeable with pickups because of how easy it is for wind to come over the cab into the bed of the truck. Even if you have the tailgate down, by having this flat surface over the bed of the truck can provide most help. You can usually purchase these for just a few hundred dollars, unless they are fully automated fiberglass units that rollout with the push of a button. If that is what you choose to get, you are looking at almost $1000 in most cases. Either way, once it is in place, your gas mileage will improve dramatically.

If you have been thinking of ways to save money on the amount of gasoline that you purchase every month, and you cannot afford to purchase a small car at this time, you can spend a few hundred dollars on a tonneau. This will ensure that you will be paying the least amount of money for operating your truck because of how it will improve wind resistance.

Party Ideas For Adults Who Like to Show Off

Make Your Outdoor Parties Truly Feel Rustic

Make Your Outdoor Parties Truly Feel Rustic

Every once in a while, the toll of being an adult becomes too much. It is at these times that an adult’s only event is deemed perfect. Basically, it is a party where you take a break from the stresses of life and taking things easy to relax. The sole focus and aim of an adult’s only event, be it a birthday party, a holiday party or just a theme party is to give adults a chance to indulge in fun and games, all the while without any reservations.

If you are looking to host such an event, acquainting yourself with party ideas for adults is not such a bad idea. The ideas herein will steer you the right direction with regards to hosting the best adults only party.

Decorations And Themes

Unlike children parties where the decorations and themes are somewhat easy and straight forward, for any adult party, you need to put some thought into it. In this regard, the themes and decorations implemented go hand in hand. Some of the best themes ideas include;

Throwback party – this is a party that essentially centers on reminiscing on the past. The decorations are done to mimic a historical period. A good example is a 70s, 80s, or 90s themed party.
Birthday party – you can have an adult’s only birthday party to celebrate a milestone such as turning forty or fifty.
Halloween party – this is also another good idea. During Halloween, you can take advantage of the Halloween season to host a Halloween party for adults.

Having costumes worn can take things a notch higher in a costume party.

Food And Drinks

There is no party without foods and drinks. For a truly classy party, you might want to hire a bartender. Bartending services make sure that your party attendees truly enjoy the party with drinks of their choices.

For appetizers, you can go for food that fits the theme perfectly. For example, if the party has a retro theme go for retro food and dishes.


When it comes to music, having a stereo playing the various genres of music that your friends would likely love will not cut it. There should be some aspect of engaging the audience who are the party attendees. Not only should they enjoy the music but also play a part in playing it.

One of the ways to enhance instructiveness in choosing the kind of music played is hiring a deejay. Professional DJs, who are vastly experienced in helping the audience, engage with the music as well as enjoy it. They encourage the audience to dance to the music, make special requests for songs and most importantly give the audience a party to enjoy. Music played by a DJ does bring a party alive, as opposed to listening to music on a stereo.

Another engaging idea is having karaoke sessions in the event. Karaoke gives the party attendees an opportunity to go crazy for a little while and have fun. You can hire a karaoke machine with audiovisual that brings life to the whole karaoke experience. At the end of it all, memories will have been made, and your event will have served its purpose – letting adults have fun.

Party Games

A good party is all about fun and games. Party games are another way to make memories and make the experience that much more memorable. Some of the best party games that should grace your party include Sing Song Ping Pong, Who Is It?, drinking games such as Jenga just to mention a few games. The main thing, however, is to make sure that the games you choose are engaging and accommodate as many people as possible.

Wedding Treasure: Hunting for Inexpensive Wedding Favor Ideas Online

If you are planning to have a wedding reception, or any type of wedding ceremony, it’s always nice to give a gift to each of the people that took the time to come by. Wedding favors can be any type of gift, including those that are handmade, a gesture of how happy you are that people decided to stop by. The following ideas will provide you with some options when it comes to purchasing and distributing wedding favors to individuals that are supportive of your decision to get married. Here is how you can find inexpensive wedding favor ideas online to get you started looking for, and purchasing, excellent gifts for people that will come to your reception.

Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

A great idea for a wedding favor is to bake cookies, then wrap them in cellophane with a bow on top. The cookies that you choose can be virtually anything including chocolate chip, oatmeal, or a special recipe that has been in your family for many years. Even if they do not like to eat cookies, or if they are on a diet, it will be a gift they will remember because it is something that you took the time to make for them.

One new-ish idea which has been circulating on Pinterest boards and on Facebook, may be a bit too custom for your taste. It has to do with taking a special type of wine marker and using your best fancy handwriting. You can go wild, writing your friends and family’s names. Or just the bride and groom. You decide. The full rundown on this can be found here Add a Little Fun With Class Using DIY Wine Glass Markers

Gift Cards

If you are strapped for time, and you have the cash to do so, you might want to consider getting each guest that shows up a gift card. This is something very simple that you can do the next time you go to the grocery store. It could be as little as five dollars for each person, which is still a gift they will appreciate. It also saves you the time of having to wrap everything, and you can simply write their name on the outside sheath. This is the best idea for people that are in a hurry, but still want to provide each guest with something they can take with them when they leave.


Although this may seem like a very generic gift, one that people may not really want to use, if it is a scented candle, and it has a beautiful design, it is a gift they can display at their home as a keepsake. It also can fill a practical role if the power goes out, and if it is scented, it can be lit to improve the way a room smells. They are a great gift to give, one that you can purchase at most local stores, and is a great way of saying thank you.


Also known as parasols, these are an excellent gift for people to give individuals that you know will be showing up in the rain. It is a practical gift, and also very unique, something that you can get for everyone. Sometimes you can find companies on the Internet that will monogram them, allowing you to put their names on the outside, or perhaps on the handle. This is a gift that will probably work best if you are in an area with inclement weather.


Unless you are inviting a multitude of people that prefer drinking tea, or for some reason do not like coffee at all, this is one of the best gifts that you can give because everyone can use it, and little bags of coffee with different flavors are very easy to find. Sometimes you can get a little card with each one, placing each person’s name on them, along with a tiny bow. This will allow them to feel that you really do care by giving them a gift that they can brew the moment that they get home.

Locating inexpensive wedding favor ideas is easy to do, and you can also use some of these. By searching the web for these wedding favor ideas, you may find other possibilities that you find more preferable. Once you have made your decision, and it is within your budget, you should get the products right away. It is an excellent way to show these individuals that you appreciate their arrival.

Add a Little Fun With Class Using DIY Wine Glass Markers

Make All of Your Friends on Facebook Jealous with Custom Looking Wine Glasses

Make All of Your Friends on Facebook Jealous with Custom Looking Wine Glasses

Wine glass markers or charms are the ideal way to put a stamp of individual style on any party or gathering. In fact these fun additions to the celebration are suitable for both corporate or private use.

You can of course buy wine glass markers from a variety of lifestyle stores and party suppliers – however the alternative of making your own allows you to explore your creative side and make your guests feel extra special. The best news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to produce funky and stylish wine glass markers and charms.

You Can Also Add Style to Wedding Dinnerware

You Can Also Add Style to Wedding Dinnerware – Don’t Forget About Wine Glass Charms

The key to many of the wine glass markers or charms that you can make is the hoops that attach the charm to the wine glass. These hoops can be purchased at most hobby shops and are not only great value for money but will also allow you to attach and reattach the charms to wine glasses over and over again so you can reuse the charms at dinner parties for months and months. They’re also reusable so you can explore more creative ideas whenever the mood takes you.


More Wedding Dinnerware Ideas - Sprucing Up Your Table Setting

More Wedding Dinnerware Ideas – Sprucing Up Your Table Setting

How about putting an old Scrabble set to a new use. If that Scrabble board and pieces has been lying at the bottom of the cupboard for years because a few pieces are missing dust it off and get creative. Using a small diameter drill make a hole at the corner of the piece and using a key ring circle (add some beads if you’d like) you end up with a wine marker. You can even use two on each glass and personalize the glasses with your guests initials.

Elegant Champagne Glasses Can Be Made Even More Elegant with Custom Writing

Elegant Champagne Glasses Can Be Made Even More Elegant with Custom Writing

Here’s possibly the easiest wine glass marker of the lot, all you need is some colored tape and a pair of scissors. Cut out any pennant shape and simply place around the wine glass stem. Press together the two sticky sides and you’re ready for an evening of fun and laughter.

If you’re classy enough to still be buying wine that has real corks, rather than screw caps (and you should be especially when throwing a dinner party) then you’ve got some great material to make fabulous wine markers. You’re going to need some screw eyes (those screws with the loop at the end) and a hobby knife, as well as a couple of markers in various colors. Simply slice the corks so that you end up with disks about one inch in thickness, screw in an eye bolt and attach your hoop. Then you can feel free to add initials or whatever lettering you feel is appropriate to the disks – neat and fun.

If you’re in favor of both simplicity and brightness then stick with the hoop and some bright beads that you can pick up at any hobby store. A few different types and beads, some variety of far as sizes are concerned and all you have to do is thread them on for a simple yet attractive wine charm / marker.

Here’s a wine marker cheat of sorts. Get hold of some blackboard paint and simply dip the base of the wineglasses into the paint. What you have then id a great surface to individualize every one of the glasses, turning it into a unique work of art – all you need are some colored chalks. For a minimalist take on the approach don’t use colored chalk – simply add the initials of each guest to the base.

So making your own wine markers is fun, cost effective and an exercise in creativity – try it out for your next get together.

What I Learned About Social Media While Buying Beef Jerky

The other day I was stocking up on our monthly supply of beef jerky (a naturally funny snack) and I found out some interesting things about social media and how one company is using it. We’re also eating nearly 2-3 pounds of jerky each month now, and so I’ve become a savvy shopper with finding deals.

I’m buying most things online from Amazon these days. However, I do occasionally find a little specialty niche website which peaks my interest.

Here’s the original thing that set off my search. It was JerkySpot beef jerky on Facebook which popped into my feed the other day and I had to investigate.

I hadn’t heard of this place before and so I did some searching around. What’s interesting this year compared to last year or even 2 years ago, is that I find myself searching not only in places like Google for stuff, but now also on other sites including Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest for some things.

After checking out this place on Facebook, I wanted to see what they were doing on Twitter. This is more of me as a blogger doing investigative work nowadays and I wanted to get an idea of how a company markets on different platforms. I hopped over to their beef jerky on twitter and found some cool ideas for a new ecommerce site I’m building.

It’s really cool how deeply you can dig through the guts of the Internet if you just take the time to dig.

Sharing Customer Reviews With New Customers

What these guys are doing is sharing customer reviews. That’s a cool idea because as a potential customer at the time, I liked to see what other people had to say about their experience. I’m not sure how they’re doing it, but I’m sure I can figure out if some type of software their using to accomplish this.

Demoing Products Using Videos

I searched on Youtube and found that they’re using video to showcase their products. I haven’t seen much of this and so it was great to see how they’re making videos and how they use their descriptions on each. I’m not overly impressed with the actual videos, but the concept is neat.

How & Why to Become an Amazon Top Customer Reviewer

Silly thing, this Internet. It seems like the more time that goes by, the more social websites and social profiles emerge. Take for example all of the social websites we’ve seen in the past decade. There’s the rise and fall of Then there’s the rise and rise and continued rise of There’s Google Wave… then Buzz?? then Plus, and a weird failure to launch over there. But now there’s an even more interesting social aspect in a not so obvious place, and customer reviewers.

We all know how important real customer reviews are online. I mean, how else are you supposed to know if something is good?

So it makes sense why there’s a sub-culture of people who love sharing their opinion, with all the nooks and crannies of context surrounding the products they buy from Amazon.

There’s even a Top Customer Reviewer Chart with the top 10,000 reviewers on Amazon.

Here’s a peek:

amazons top reviewers

Oh, and on that other tab to the right, there’s even a hall of fame. I’m not quite sure if there’s other differences in this hall of fame ranking, but it looks like it’s an overall recognition of reviewers over time. Sheesh! Joanna Daneman, Achieved Hall of Fame in 13 different years!

So how does one do it?

First of all, why? Why would someone want to rank at the top of these lists? Well, just for kicks and giggles. While that’s not a very good reason, nor is it reason to go all in and commit yourself to writing reviews on Amazon, I’m sure there’s people out there who do it purely for the pleasure of sharing their opinion with others.

Celebrity! Ok, here’s a reason why someone might want to become a top reviewer – the celebrity status.

What do I mean by this? Well, it turns out that top product reviewers are fought over by product sellers, manufacturers and anyone who’s trying to sell their stuff on Amazon. These guys want detailed, helpful and super valuable reviews of their products.

And what are they willing to do in order to get it? I’ve heard accounts from some reviewers of mountains, piles and piles of products in their garages, just waiting to be opened. It must be nice to have an abundance of random stuff to go through, review and then use.

But how does a person get there?

Allow me to breakdown what I’ve learned from analyzing a top reviewer…

This is Ali Julia, Amazon’s top rated customer reviewer.

amazons ali julia

What can we learn from this top rated reviewer?

Helpful Reviews – Notice how many times this person’s reviews have been rated as helpful. Over 30k! Also take note of the percentage of helpful reviews this person has shared that have been rated as helpful 30k out of 31k reviews! Craziness. This can only mean one thing. This person is sharing helpful reviews. An obvious point, but worth noting nonetheless.

Context – Read just the intros to this person’s reviews. What do we see? Context, context, context. This person is not only sharing what the product is and does, but how it fits into their experience – how the product matches up for what they need it for and the context in their own life.

Quality… But Also Quantity – Ok, there’s obviously great quality in the reviews this person has written. However, this person has stacked up an incredible amount of reviews too. As I said earlier, 31k reviews in all! This must have taken a great deal of time, as well as commitment no doubt.

Are you aiming for becoming the next top rated Amazon Customer Reviewer?

Leave a comment and share how you plan on doing it! I’d love to hear your take on things.