Wedding Treasure: Hunting for Inexpensive Wedding Favor Ideas Online

If you are planning to have a wedding reception, or any type of wedding ceremony, it’s always nice to give a gift to each of the people that took the time to come by. Wedding favors can be any type of gift, including those that are handmade, a gesture of how happy you are that people decided to stop by. The following ideas will provide you with some options when it comes to purchasing and distributing wedding favors to individuals that are supportive of your decision to get married. Here is how you can find inexpensive wedding favor ideas online to get you started looking for, and purchasing, excellent gifts for people that will come to your reception.

Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

A great idea for a wedding favor is to bake cookies, then wrap them in cellophane with a bow on top. The cookies that you choose can be virtually anything including chocolate chip, oatmeal, or a special recipe that has been in your family for many years. Even if they do not like to eat cookies, or if they are on a diet, it will be a gift they will remember because it is something that you took the time to make for them.

One new-ish idea which has been circulating on Pinterest boards and on Facebook, may be a bit too custom for your taste. It has to do with taking a special type of wine marker and using your best fancy handwriting. You can go wild, writing your friends and family’s names. Or just the bride and groom. You decide. The full rundown on this can be found here Add a Little Fun With Class Using DIY Wine Glass Markers

Gift Cards

If you are strapped for time, and you have the cash to do so, you might want to consider getting each guest that shows up a gift card. This is something very simple that you can do the next time you go to the grocery store. It could be as little as five dollars for each person, which is still a gift they will appreciate. It also saves you the time of having to wrap everything, and you can simply write their name on the outside sheath. This is the best idea for people that are in a hurry, but still want to provide each guest with something they can take with them when they leave.


Although this may seem like a very generic gift, one that people may not really want to use, if it is a scented candle, and it has a beautiful design, it is a gift they can display at their home as a keepsake. It also can fill a practical role if the power goes out, and if it is scented, it can be lit to improve the way a room smells. They are a great gift to give, one that you can purchase at most local stores, and is a great way of saying thank you.


Also known as parasols, these are an excellent gift for people to give individuals that you know will be showing up in the rain. It is a practical gift, and also very unique, something that you can get for everyone. Sometimes you can find companies on the Internet that will monogram them, allowing you to put their names on the outside, or perhaps on the handle. This is a gift that will probably work best if you are in an area with inclement weather.


Unless you are inviting a multitude of people that prefer drinking tea, or for some reason do not like coffee at all, this is one of the best gifts that you can give because everyone can use it, and little bags of coffee with different flavors are very easy to find. Sometimes you can get a little card with each one, placing each person’s name on them, along with a tiny bow. This will allow them to feel that you really do care by giving them a gift that they can brew the moment that they get home.

Locating inexpensive wedding favor ideas is easy to do, and you can also use some of these. By searching the web for these wedding favor ideas, you may find other possibilities that you find more preferable. Once you have made your decision, and it is within your budget, you should get the products right away. It is an excellent way to show these individuals that you appreciate their arrival.


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