How & Why to Become an Amazon Top Customer Reviewer

Silly thing, this Internet. It seems like the more time that goes by, the more social websites and social profiles emerge. Take for example all of the social websites we’ve seen in the past decade. There’s the rise and fall of Then there’s the rise and rise and continued rise of There’s Google Wave… then Buzz?? then Plus, and a weird failure to launch over there. But now there’s an even more interesting social aspect in a not so obvious place, and customer reviewers.

We all know how important real customer reviews are online. I mean, how else are you supposed to know if something is good?

So it makes sense why there’s a sub-culture of people who love sharing their opinion, with all the nooks and crannies of context surrounding the products they buy from Amazon.

There’s even a Top Customer Reviewer Chart with the top 10,000 reviewers on Amazon.

Here’s a peek:

amazons top reviewers

Oh, and on that other tab to the right, there’s even a hall of fame. I’m not quite sure if there’s other differences in this hall of fame ranking, but it looks like it’s an overall recognition of reviewers over time. Sheesh! Joanna Daneman, Achieved Hall of Fame in 13 different years!

So how does one do it?

First of all, why? Why would someone want to rank at the top of these lists? Well, just for kicks and giggles. While that’s not a very good reason, nor is it reason to go all in and commit yourself to writing reviews on Amazon, I’m sure there’s people out there who do it purely for the pleasure of sharing their opinion with others.

Celebrity! Ok, here’s a reason why someone might want to become a top reviewer – the celebrity status.

What do I mean by this? Well, it turns out that top product reviewers are fought over by product sellers, manufacturers and anyone who’s trying to sell their stuff on Amazon. These guys want detailed, helpful and super valuable reviews of their products.

And what are they willing to do in order to get it? I’ve heard accounts from some reviewers of mountains, piles and piles of products in their garages, just waiting to be opened. It must be nice to have an abundance of random stuff to go through, review and then use.

But how does a person get there?

Allow me to breakdown what I’ve learned from analyzing a top reviewer…

This is Ali Julia, Amazon’s top rated customer reviewer.

amazons ali julia

What can we learn from this top rated reviewer?

Helpful Reviews – Notice how many times this person’s reviews have been rated as helpful. Over 30k! Also take note of the percentage of helpful reviews this person has shared that have been rated as helpful 30k out of 31k reviews! Craziness. This can only mean one thing. This person is sharing helpful reviews. An obvious point, but worth noting nonetheless.

Context – Read just the intros to this person’s reviews. What do we see? Context, context, context. This person is not only sharing what the product is and does, but how it fits into their experience – how the product matches up for what they need it for and the context in their own life.

Quality… But Also Quantity – Ok, there’s obviously great quality in the reviews this person has written. However, this person has stacked up an incredible amount of reviews too. As I said earlier, 31k reviews in all! This must have taken a great deal of time, as well as commitment no doubt.

Are you aiming for becoming the next top rated Amazon Customer Reviewer?

Leave a comment and share how you plan on doing it! I’d love to hear your take on things.



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